Monday June 13th
Carhart deposition RALLY on Capitol Hill
SouthEast Lawn of the U.S. Capitol (look for people with signs)11am – 12Noon
Every Monday
Prayer and witness from 8am to 10am outside late-term abortion clinic.

Opportunity/Event - Capitol Hill Rally during Carhart Deposition

Rally Details:

June 13, Monday, 11am – 12Noon
SouthEast Lawn of the U.S. Capitol (look for people with signs)
Nearest Metro station: Capitol South

Speakers will include: Rev Patrick Mahoney (Church on the Hill, Christian Defense Coalition), Arina Grossu, FRC, and more! For more details: check

Pray For Germantown

330 mothers have changed their minds and decided to keep their babies in Germantown since December 5, 2010 as a result of YOUR pro-life PRESENCE, SUPPORT, and PRAYERS.

As you already know, The U.S. Congressional Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives is investigating late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his Germantown office where five abortion patients were transported by emergency responders to the hospital since December. Chairwoman Marsha Blackburn, a leading pro-life Congresswoman, said she was disturbed to learn how many women Carhart’s abortion facility appears to have injured in the past few months. “We have an obligation to protect the most vulnerable at all stages of life,” Blackburn said. “Reports regarding the Germantown clinic are deeply troubling, both for the sake of babies whose lives are ended so close to—and possibly even after—birth and for the sake of the women who have been rushed from that clinic to the hospital with increasing frequency.

The Congressional Committee has subpoenaed Carhart to come to Capitol Hill for a Deposition this Monday, June 13th.

Join us there as we rally to continue waving the red flag on this horrendous practice of late term abortion, and Carhart’s trail of injured/dead women– read up on all the emergencies at

The Democrats have already tried to shut this investigation down – YOUR presence is VITAL! Let’s show the committee our gratitude for this investigation – BE THERE.


Opportunity: Lives saved by strong presence on Monday vigils at Germantown clinic

YOU ARE Making a Difference Between Life and Death! Since December 2010, more than 135 mothers so far have changed their minds and decided to keep their babies as a result of your pro-life witness in Germantown. Many more lives are saved by the ongoing all week long efforts by dedicated side walk councilors.

Dr. Grace Morrison has issued a renewed call for a strong presence Wisteria Dr. (near the Germantown late term abortion clinic) on Mondays mornings (8am - 10am). It is on Monday mornings that the gruesome and brutal three day process of late term abortions begins. The Monday morning vigils represent the best opportunity to help women and their unborn children. Please consider joining the nearly 100 people there every week. The strong presence is making a huge difference! Prayer and your presence HELPS these women and gives their babies a chance to be born. There will be no graphic signs will be present each second Monday of the month. For more information and to sign up for ongoing updates, please see the Pray for Germantown website.

The mission on Monday mornings:
--To come in mass numbers to make the public aware of the horrors of abortion --especially late-term abortion!
--To be present when the babies are killed by lethal injection--which happens on Monday mornings!
--If possible, to direct the mothers to the new pregnancy referral center across from the mill.


Opportunity/Event - Holiday Rosary Tours
On various holy days and holiday days, Pro-Life members from a number of local parishes gather to say the Rosary at the four abortuaries in our area, e.g. Germantown, Shady Grove, Rockville and Silver Spring. The group concentrates on prayer, i.e., there are no protests, demonstrations, police involvement with this group of souls from various parishes. For more information, please contact Bill Luksic at

Opportunity/Activity - Project Mustard Seed
Please consider joining thousands in the Mustard Seed Project by sending a letter each month to a designated corporation asking them to stop supporting Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider. It doesn't take long and sample letters are provided - you can use selected parts of the sample letter or you can write your own. You can save your letter to use again next month; just change the addressee and date. Or, since new facts about PP are provided periodically, you may want to update your letter.

Please remember to always keep the tone of your letter respectful and polite. Letters definitely make a difference! At Least 294 corporations have stopped supporting PP. For more information and to get notices about the monthly letters, please contact John.

Resource - Facing Pregnancies with Poor or Fatal Diagnosis
"We know the devastation, confusion, heartbreak and loneliness. We can't change your circumstances or make decisions for you. But we can offer support, friendship and experience." A locally based group of friends, connected by tragic, and then beautiful, circumstances offer support to parents continuing their pregnancy after a poor or fatal diagnosis for their unborn children. Isaiah's Promise is a resource you hope you will never need - but will value and cherish if you do. Facing a pregnancy with a poor or fatal diagnosis for an unborn child can be devastating for any parent. Now, they do not need to be alone. If you know of anyone who received a poor or fatal diagnonis for their unborn child, consider contacting Isaiah's Promise at for support.

Resource - Organic Family Planning
An effective Catholic alternative to IVF, and side-effect-free alternative to contraception. Effectiveness: 99% to avoid, and up to 98% to achieve. Struggling to achieve a pregnancy? Success is up to 40% more effective than IVF, and totally natural and respectful of all world religion's teachings on fertility including our Catholic faith. FertilityCare: a natural medical model of natural methods of family planning & a way to manage women's health care issues like PMS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, recurrent miscarriges, postpartum depression and more! Tired of using NFP and desire more clarity and someone to walk with you? This form of NFP might be for you. Your body knows. You can too! For more information see the Fertility Care website.

Classes are held in Gaithersburg home, call or email for directions. Materials to get you started charting furnished for a $25 fee and appointment for follow up. 8 sessions personalized within one year, fees based with sliding scale as appropriate.
Reservations and questions/ comments: Therese Rodriguez, RN, FCP. FertilityCare Practitioner 301-963-6833

-Weekly Mass next door to abortion clinic
The arrival of Late Term Abortions in Germantown has been a call to action for all Pro-Lifers in the area! Weekly Masses will be scheduled in the building next door to the Germantown late term abortion clinic. St. Martins parishioners will be invited to attend on a rotational basis along with other local parishes.
Information for priests and parish contacts is available here.

Pro-Life Committee Meeting:
Next Meeting: The next meeting of the St. Martins Pro-Life Committee will be on posted here. If you would like more information about St. Martins Pro-Life committee, please feel free to contact us by emailing:

Contact Us:
Send an email to or come by during one of the Pro-Life Committee meetings.